About Me

Hello! My name is: 지인.

I live in: Hawai`i.

I am (in no particular order): 30-something. 엄마. A charming and beloved spouse. A reunited adoptee. A sister. A writer. An editor. A TRA freedom fighter. An NPO co-founder, officer and board member. A troublemaker. A nerd. A brownie fiend. A library fly. A serial hobbyist. Official household feline feeder / cleaner-upper / affection-provider. Lover of cupcakes. A hypochondriac.

I like: ripe mango, trade winds, used book stores, gel pens, stationery stores, Wii, old-school video games, the scent of lilacs, white ginger leis, candy stores, Korean chopsticks & matching spoon sets

I’m currently reading:

When Strange Gods Call

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Two ways to contact me:

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    (Note: Hate mail, as always, will be treated as comic relief.)

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