Posted by: 지인 | 17 September 2009

What adoption topics would you like to read about?

A rare invitation:

I plan, compile, and edit a bimonthly column in “Adoption Today,” a magazine about international and transracial adoption, featuring the voices and perspectives of adult adoptees. As I work to brainstorm possible topics for future issues, I’d like to open up the suggestion box to you — adoptees, adoptive parents and prospective a-parents, bio/birth/first parents, siblings, significant others, researchers, innocent bystanders — anyone out there who is interested in listening to and learning from international and transracial adult adoptees.

Please share your ideas in the comments, or refer to the “About Me” page to e-mail me or send me a message directly.

I can’t promise that all (or even any!) of your ideas will be used as topics, but I will definitely read and consider all of the submitted suggestions.

Recent topics have included:

  • changing vs. keeping adoptees’ original names
  • the influence of cultural heritage in our everyday lives
  • how the experience of becoming a parent has changed our thoughts about adoption

Remember, this is a column featuring the points of view of international and transracial adult adoptees, but is not necessarily an advice column, so as you share your ideas, please be respectful of the individuals who will be generously sharing their thoughts, opinions and experiences in the finished columns.


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