Posted by: 지인 | 9 September 2009

Heigl and husband reportedly adopting from Korea


Interesting that they have been married less than two years, yet as far as I am aware, the requirement to adopt from Korea dictates that couples must be married for a minimum of three years. The articles also state that the adoption process has been under way for just six months (or more, who knows).

One has to wonder if they are getting special treatment, as celebrities. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the policies are bent to accommodate a fast-tracked high-profile adoption. *cough* *Madonna* *cough*

Update: OK, so they apparently are adopting a “special needs” child, which would explain the 6-month fast-tracking. But are couples who are married for less than three years somehow uniquely qualified to adopt “special needs” children, but not non-special-needs kids? Hmm.



  1. Oh but her sister is also adopted from Korea. Which means she knows ALL about transracial adoption. Maybe they have an open account with Holt?

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