Posted by: 지인 | 31 December 2008

Another one bites the dust

Someone recently remarked to me, “It’s too bad you’re not blogging anymore.” Which gave me pause. It’s true, I have been a bad blogger, practically to the point where I no longer feel qualified to call myself a blogger at all. Former blogger? Fair-weather blogger? Fugitive blogger? Blogger-at-large?

2008 was a big year for the nonprofit organization I’ve been helping to nurture and cultivate for the past few years, as we played host to an international assemblage of 100 adult adoptees of Asian heritage, plus a few hundred more public attendees, at the Asian Adult Adoptee Gathering and Film Festival here on O’ahu this past October. Now that it’s all over and done with, I’ll be quite unmodest in acknowledging the amount of blood, sweat and tears we spilled in planning and executing this not-so-mini-gathering, not to mention the accompanying film festival, which was the first to exclusively feature films written, produced or directed by Asian adoptees.

This endeavor was something we developed over the course of a year, and only those who have been directly involved with organizing a large-ish event starting with $0 will understand the scope of what is required — from the shameless self-promotion and prostrating for contract negotiations and fundraising, to the last-minute do-it-yourselfing, to putting out the eleventh-hour fires and real-time mini-fires. And all of this was accomplished by an unpaid, all-volunteer band of five nonprofit soldiers with full-time jobs, families and other outside commitments. I’m extremely proud of my teammates’ hard work and the way we all had one another’s backs when the going got tough. (And we’re all still friends!)

I guess it’s really no wonder I did so little blogging this year. It just occurred to me that I didn’t even manage to remember to promote the gathering and film fest here on my own blog, at least beyond the tiny banner on the side. Oops.

Anyway, outside of that little project, it was a pretty good year. Yobo and I visited two out of three of our families (no trip to Korea this year), logged some QT with friends who visited O’ahu, and finally dove into some home-remodeling projects we’d been talking about for three years. (Need your floors tiled? New cabinetry installed? Please, please don’t call me. I mean, I know how to do it, but I’d really rather not.)

Although I continue to do battle with my post-gathering-and-film-festival burnout, I’m keeping busy. My writing continues to take me away from the blogosphere — but not too far, I suppose, depending on how you see things. Perhaps if you’re keeping up with your adoption-related reading offline, you might see me around. (If that seems vague and/or mysterious, it’s because I intended it to seem just so, at least for the time being.)

The funny thing is that I’ll have a lot more to potentially blog about in 2009, but much less time and energy to actually do it. Life marches on, you know, and it takes on new shapes and meanings.

So, as 2008 bites the dust and 2009 edges its way in, here’s wishing you a year of hope and new perspective, truth and greater understanding, prosperity and better prospects, and happiness, love and Hello Kitty waffles for all.

Happy New Year!



  1. Happy New Year! The gathering/film festival was an incredible accomplishment. You should be proud of that one and all your other great, if less visible achievements. I’m sure we’ll see some great things from you in 2009. Will be watching for you!

    I love the Hello Kitty waffles!

  2. I want Hello Kitty waffles! And I wish I could’ve made the Gathering this year. Maybe we’ll see each other at the next one!

  3. I think you both definitely deserve Hello Kitty waffles.

    BTW, Yobo and I swear that Hello Kitty waffles taste better than regular old boring waffles.

  4. happy new year. 🙂

  5. Happy 2009 and look forward to reading more from your pen – on or off-line

    Waffles should alllways be Kitty waffles *ggg*

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