Posted by: 지인 | 18 December 2008

Media buzzards

From the latest CNN article following up on Anna He:

Since her parents split, Anna has re-established regular contact with the Bakers, who call every Saturday. But after more than a year with her biological family, Anna is still unsure of where she would rather be — with her mom or the Bakers.

“I cannot pick anyone. I would die if I would pick one,” she said.

From another recent Associated Press article on Anna’s life in China:

When asked about the Bakers, Anna pulls away. She rolls onto her back. She covers her face with her hands. She says she has forgotten what it was like when she moved from one family to the other, and whether she was happy or sad.

“I don’t even know,” she says.

From my imagination:

When asked to choose between the Bakers and the Hes and to state whether she loves or hates them and is happy or sad about her past and current situations and to rank the United States and China on a two-point scale of worst to best, Anna unleashes an indescribable but deafening noise that shatters the reporter’s digital recording device, not to mention eardrums.

“What a pointless f*cking bunch of questions. Get a clue, get out of my house, and leave me the f*ck alone,” she says.



  1. Wow…

    This is about that girl whose adoptive parents were only in temporary custody of Anna (because she had been born a preemie) while her original parents got themselves back on track with payments and health care, right?

    And then they tried to take away all parental consent from her original parents because Anna ended up being with her APs a LOT longer than was intended, correct?

    Holy crap.

    She’s going to be “stretched” between two families forever now – neither will ever really be happy unless she’s with them – but every time she lives with one family for a period of time, the other family is in utter turmoil.

    I remember what you said on your old blog, Ji-in…

    “Sometimes their needs are deafening, even if no one is speaking.”

    That sums this case up so well. And god, I can’t imagine just HOW confused Anna must be…

  2. Yeah. I’ve been really uncomfortable about the continued coverage. Yes, we all want to know she’s ok-but don’t ask her stupid questions.
    I was also struck by Casey He’s comment that she was sure Americans were judging her for her life as a single mom in China. They’ve all been through so much, and they don’t need to feel that they are living with constant scrutiny too. And it sounds like there are some serious concerns in the divorce that she is trying to protect her kids from. I really hope no one digs up whatever she alluded to. I hope they can disappear from the spotlight.

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