Posted by: 지인 | 19 August 2008





  1. Gee, could this be the idea of a PAP who’s application never got approved?

  2. Hmm. Is that a shi tzu? Shouldn’t wear a hanbok then.

  3. yeah…one of my teachers at Korea U (she was a 2nd gen Korean American) bought her two yorkies hanboks while in Korea. I never told her to her face, but that’s just all kinds of messed up.

  4. those are cute hanboks… but i find it kinda wasted on dogs. why can’t they be on me? aside from the fact that i’m not korean?

  5. er, growing up with a mother who dressed our cats it seems frighteningly normal. they just dressed up their cat in a sweater, so i am used to the craziness. [sheepish grin]

  6. oh, i am also the fake gomo because rich’s nephews and nieces were making fun of me. “i’m not your gomo!” “we don’t care, we’re still going to call you gomo!” “i’m too young to be a gomo!” “gomo, gomo, gomo, gomo” and on and on.

  7. …wondering how my kitties would feel about wearing hanbok… (plotting, plotting)

    Although, LN did try to dress one of them in HER hanbok… with very bad results.

  8. Wow. That looks so incredibly stupid.

  9. I don’t know if that’s cute or… not. :/

  10. Ha Ha Jaye, nice comment.. eehhr.. Ji In .. where do you get to know ’bout all these things!!remember you also found some knitting/patchworking weeiird site..for a gift to their adoptive child while waiting for him/her to arrive.. utterly speechless – but thanks for sharing

  11. Hanbok. So easy a dog could wear it. So many bad Oriental jokes come to mind, it’s not funny.

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