Posted by: 지인 | 31 July 2008

Mpls police officers rewarded for effing up

I wish I could say it’s unbelievable, what’s going down in my former city of residence. Sadly, given the Minneapolis PD’s history with these sorts of racially conspicuous errors, I’m more exasperated than shocked.

I first read about this on Angry Asian Man, then clicked over to this article from the Star Tribune, which just happens to be one of my former places of employment.

(Note: Take a gander at the two photos of the award ceremony, and you might notice that all the officers pictured have something in common. No surprises there.)

So if the Minneapolis PD gives out medals for screwing up, then I’m curious about what kind of ticker-tape parade they throw when they shoot up the home and family of the correct “violent gang member.”



  1. yeah, I read that the other day and wasn’t sure how I should feel about this… they’re trying to say that the mistake in one thing and the way they behaved under duress is separate thing… that they are given medals for the latter not the former.

    I seriously doubt they would have given us similar dilemma if it were a white home they charged into… it made me feel icky inside.

  2. Right. I get that they’re saying the medals are for the way they handled the situation after the error had already been made, but the juxtaposition of the actual error and the outcome is just outrageous.

    And as I read previous reports on this story, I could find no mention of any reparations (aside from the “apology” from the Mpls PD) paid to the family. How disgusting is that?

  3. Wait-they spoke to “Hmong leaders” (since they don’t say Elders, I’m interpreting this to mean NGO leaders-a very different thing) but not to the family directly? Unbelievable. Yes, if they were white, the family would have been included in the discussion.
    I really don’t understand the concept of giving medals at all, regardless of how they handled the situation. They made a mistake that had the impact of terrorizing a family. They should be expected to learn from that.

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