Posted by: 지인 | 31 May 2008

Remembering Julia

I have no words to express what Julia meant to the Korean adoptee community, and everyone who knew her — in person or simply online, through her words and pictures. My heart goes out to John, and to all of Julia’s dear friends and loved ones.

Lee Herrick’s poem for Julia, “Light,” is just that: light. Aglow. Beautiful. Just like Julia.

Light in Incheon Harbour
More light for Julia, in Incheon Harbour

As some of my Korean adoptee friends and I had been planning a bone marrow registry drive, I wonder now, will some people be discouraged by Julia’s passing, and no longer feel inspired to join the registry?

I hope not.

Please join.

Please remember Julia.



  1. […] Remembering Julia by Ji In at Sixth Sister […]

  2. Thank you, Ji In.

    A good friend of mine who happens to be a Korean adoptee registered last near and was matched almost immediately. Within months of registering she had saved a life. The registry works, I hope everyone who reads here registers.

  3. If you do the registry drive, let me know if I can help.

  4. Thanks, Lee. The registry drive is definitely on. Will let you know more details soon.

  5. Is this still happening? And is it happening in MN? I’m not an adoptee, but I am a good friend of Julia’s from college and just moved to MN and would love to help, if I can.

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