Posted by: 지인 | 20 May 2008

Is that a hint?

I had just opened up an e-mail from a friend about a novel about a Chinese adoptee, when I saw it.

Gmail’s Web Clip, presented across the top of the e-mail message:

Asian Eyelid Surgeryhttp://www.donotbothervisitingthisboguslinkthatireplaced.comAsian plastic surgery specialist Charles S. Lee MD Board Certified

Lovely. Is that Google’s idea of relevant surfing?

No thanks, Dr. Lee. I prefer myself the way I am.



  1. gmail’s ads that pop up are creepy because they pick up on few ‘key’ words in the email… cause you start wondering about privacy…

    So apparently Chinese adoptee prompted an ad for eyelid surgery… I think I may need some plastic surgery to iron out the grimace from my face… and make google pay for giving me that grimace.

  2. Oh man I get that ad on a daily basis. Glad it’s not just me!

    Dude is spending assloads on Google Adwords.

  3. I agree with Mama Nabi – it’s creepy…

    Sad that the email inspired such an awful advertisement.

  4. We should call him and ask if he can make our eyes look even *more* asian. See what he says.

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