Posted by: 지인 | 16 April 2008

Foster fur-kids

So lots of you probably already know I have a weakness for kitties. I swear I am not a feline fetishist, I swear, but I’ve got a very soft, mushy spot for cats. I mean, every time I see a cute lil’ kitten languishing behind glass in the pet store, I just want to adopt me another kitty cat.

*evil smirk*

So today I got a good chuckle, then a pause, then a grimace, then a shrug, then an eye-roll and lastly another mischievous cackle out of this e-mail that I received from a local animal shelter where the yobo & I found our very own “forever felines” a few years ago:

Kitten season is here and [our shelter] is looking for foster parents for our kittens. And mom’s with kittens.

[photos of irresistible homeless urchin kittens]

Do you have a little extra space in your home, a bit of free time, and some love to share? If so, consider becoming a foster parent for a kitten, a litter of kittens or a mom with her babies. With the arrival of “kitten season” in early spring, animal shelters and rescue organizations are flooded with kittens who cannot be put up for adoption until they are of the right age to be spayed/neutered and in good health, including [our shelter]. We really rely on the assistance of volunteer foster parents to save lives by providing temporary care.

Not only does becoming a volunteer foster parent help us, it can be great for you, too. Perhaps you are considering adopting, but aren’t sure if a kitten is right for you. Maybe you travel, and can’t have a “permanent” pet. Or maybe you just want to experience the joy of kittens again and again.

Whatever your reason, you are sure to find that fostering is one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences there is. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn and how gratifying it is to see the kittens grow and develop under your care.

We also looking for foster families for our special needs cats or cats who have had to have any type of surgery and need time and love to heal.

Or if you know of someone who might like to foster please pass this along, THANKS…!

Also we just wanted to share with you a few of our older cats looking for their forever homes…

[photos & bios of more mature orphan-cats]

I mean, OK, I know they are a pet shelter, and are not shopping a bunch of kids around as fosters/temporary kids, but still. This was pretty damn close to a lot of the language I read in foster & adoption “marketing” literature. Which shouldn’t make me laugh, but considering this is about cats, and the way the experience of fostering kittens is touted as rewarding for the “foster parent,” who can save cat lives and experience the joy of kittens, etc. etc. …





  1. It must be opposite day. I recently saw a poster on the subway that was an ad aimed at recruiting foster families and thought it read like a humane society plug. It was almost exactly like this complete with wide eyed kiddie in pigtails pic, except it used the word gratifying instead of rewarding.

  2. Isn’t it funny (not so much ha ha funny) that words like these make you sort of laugh, chuckle, roll your eyes, and then think it’s not really funny if you think about it, and then give one more chuckle, finish it off with a sigh.

  3. you sure it’s for “kittens” and not “kids”? maybe they sent the wrong letter with pics.

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