Posted by: 지인 | 3 March 2008

Le pant, le heave

My Life Lately in Numbers

1 potential grant opportunity identified 5 days before grant deadline

1 phone call to grant foundation

4 1/2 days of racking brain and writing

2 books purchased on grant-writing for people with poo for brains

4 frantic phone calls to fellow board members

3-hour meeting with two fellow board members

4 sweet hours of bodily contact with lovely, soft bed

21 pages of “Yay us! Love us! Fund us!”

20 copies of 21 pages of above self-promotion

2 printers running simultaneously

90-degree home office

2 cranky, neglected kitties

1 missed shower

2 missed meals

30-minute cross-island drive of panic and delirium

2 questionable accelerations through 2 very, very yellow traffic lights

15 minutes to spare

2 sets of everything in my vision

1 migraine

1 exhausted me



  1. Wow, 15 minutes to spare — what great timing!

    Congratulations on getting it in, and I hope you can now spend as many hours as you need on rest and recovery.

  2. Aw, grant writing is NO fun… I do find that last item on your list of number, that 1 exhausted you, so endearing as an image… simply want to run over there, stroke your fancy new hairdo and say, “There, there…” (hmmm, maybe you’d be less creeped out if I offered to do that to your two cranky neglected kitties…)

    YAY YOU! Hope you get the big bucks!

  3. ha! i love the 2 very yellow, yellow lights…

    congratulations on getting it done!

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