Posted by: 지인 | 18 February 2008


There must be something in the air these days. Everyone hits rocky patches. But lately, several people I know, including friends and family, have found that they’re not just in a rocky patch; they’ve been air-dropped in the middle of a quarry with a hammer, and it seems life has told them, “Well, start pounding.”

It’s tough, though “tough” is an understatement. These folks, they’re good people. They deserve better than what they’re faced with right now. It’s not fair. I wish I could wave a wand and make their worries disappear.

As their friends, do what we can. We listen, and we support them. When things get really ugly, we are standing by to pick them up, dust them off, and remind them, “You’re not alone.” We give hugs when we’re close, and we send hugs in other forms when we’re far.

For 나비 엄마 와 나비 아기 …

You’re not alone!

I’m sending you each a rainbow.


And a whole flock of supporters.


Thinking of you, with lots of love,




  1. Those are beautiful pictures. Strength vibes coming from Ireland, looking forward to the days of mundane updates, when all this is over…

  2. 🙂 i needed that.

  3. *hug* I saw these pictures when they were posted but was too verklempt to comment until now – I still can’t look at the photos without crying so I’m trying not to look. 🙂 In a good way, I mean.
    What I’m trying to say between sniffles is that… thank you, this really really touched me to no end. I *heart* you…

  4. 🙂 You & LN are always in my thoughts, MN! Someday when this mess is sorted out, you can come here and I’ll show you your rainbows in person. *hugs*

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