Posted by: 지인 | 10 February 2008

Sadness … and sickness

Gone, baby. Gone. T_T

I am sad, sad, sad, and pretty much speechless about the fire that has burned 남대문, Korea’s “No. 1 national treasure,” down to the stone foundation. My memory of pointing it out to Yobo A. as we rounded the bend on a summer walk from our hotel down to 남대문 시장 seems so fresh in my mind, it’s almost impossible to believe that 남대문 is really, truly gone.

Read about it for yourself here:

And then to top things off, as I clicked through the links on the 조선일보 site, dismayed at what I was seeing, I was further sickened to find that the no. 4 most viewed news story was Paris F-ing Hilton in a 한복, spreading her nasty smarm around Korea and pretending to be all gracious and stuff. I mean, I need to see that like I need to have my face removed.



  1. OH MAN. I’ve never been back home without making at least one stop at namdaemoon… I’m so depressed. It’s so surreal that something that’s been around for so long is -poof- gone.

    And why IS Paris Hilton in Korea…?

  2. ….my feelings are akin to when i saw the twin towers up in smoke on the news….disbelief and sadness.

  3. OH NO! :O

  4. Although we in the US consider Paris Hilton just a slut, she is still considered a Hollywood celebrity internationally– she has her own fragrance, clothing line, tv show, etc… I just hope she didn’t say anything stupid.

    I was also really sad about 남대문. It’s so stupid to burn a national treasure down over a personal dispute. 😦 I’m saddened because I never got to see it… hopefully they can restore it.

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