Posted by: 지인 | 3 February 2008

Old formula + Old plot = New reason to be bored

It’s a shame, really. Three actors whose work I typically enjoy, doing a film with a stale premise that I abhor.

We’re not already due for another one of these formulaic white-Western-hero-as- outsider-who-falls-for-mysterious-lotus-blossom-in-exoticized-Asian-setting flicks, are we?

(That smell that you’re smelling is eau d’Orientalisme.)



  1. But of [i]course[/i]….

    What else is new?

  2. heh..didn’t you get enough of that in the last samurai?

    but that just brings up the issue that is tom cruise, and no one wants to think about that, lol!

    i do like me some gong li though…she’s so pretty! 🙂

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