Posted by: 지인 | 23 January 2008

All look same, Hollywood-style

Did you know that actress Katherine Heigl has a Korean adoptee sister? Google tells me it’s true; therefore, it must be so.

While browsing essential airport layover reading during my mainland trip, I spotted a photo in some celebrity gossip rag of KH walking along on a sunny Hollywood afternoon with her mom, her sister, and her niece or nephew. My KADar immediately told me that Big Sister Heigl was “one of us.”

Here’s a grainy video where, at the tail end, KH poses for the paparazzi with sister Meg. Genius XYZ Paparazzi then cleverly observes that Meg plays a doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy” as well.

Wrong Korean, dumb ass.



  1. I noticed that Katherine Heigl’s sister was a KAD, too. Did you see the photo in US Weekly? That’s where I saw it….

    Btw, I saw 27 Dresses last weekend and hated it–such a bad screenplay!

  2. damn paparazzi…

  3. Oh yeah, I saw a picture of Meg’s wedding with Katherine present a while back.

  4. haha. oh man. that’s horrible. i can’t believe that guy didn’t get his facts beforehand. either that or someone played a mean joke to tell him that.

  5. katherine heigl is such a sweetheart. stupid paparazzi

  6. 2 x laughs ^^* (this could be the Hawaiian style .. the flower (*)behind the ear – hi hi)
    thanks Ji In.. one for the KAD radar and one for the ‘wrong Korean dumb ass’

    keep writing

  7. I’m a loser and DVR Oprah. I was watching a show from last week where Oprah had Katherine Heigl on her show for the first segment. A picture was shown of Katherine at her sister’s wedding. Katherine was talking about what a huge responsibility being a maid of honor is, but thankfully no one brought up the fact that Katherine and her sister don’t look alike, not to mention of different races. :p

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