Posted by: 지인 | 7 January 2008

I’m not sure what to say about this.

Japanese make-up guru Shu Uemura dies at 79

TOKYO (Reuters) – Shu Uemura, a beautician who parlayed success as a Hollywood make-up artist into an international cosmetics brand under his name, has died aged 79.

The only man in his class at a beauty school in the conservative Japan of the 1950s, Uemura started his career as an assistant on a U.S. movie.

His big opportunity came during the filming of the 1962 movie “My Geisha,” starring Shirley MacLaine, when her make-up artist fell ill and Uemura stood in, his company’s Web site says.

Upon completion of Ms. MacLaine’s intricate and laborious geisha make-up, Mr. Uemura had transformed the actress’s Caucasian face entirely into a Japanese geisha with Asian features. There was ovation from everyone who witnessed the transformation, including Ms. MacLaine herself,” it says. …

The man made a bitchin’ eyelash curler (or his company did, at least), so I can’t knock Shu Uemura for that, but who knew about the MacLaine faux-geisha connection? So strange to know that the international Uemura legacy was built upon his experience putting a white woman in yellow face.



  1. Hmmm. maybe he could’ve helped mickey rooney in ‘breakfast at tiffany’s’. also help out with the his “acting”…it makes me gag.

  2. huh… you’re right… I also don’t know what to say about that.

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