Posted by: 지인 | 5 January 2008


That was the sound of the heel of my hand connecting with my forehead in a mini-fit of exasperation over this:

which comes from here

Now and Zen you and your pet need to meditate on simple elegance. Dynasties like yours delight in definitive dinnerware designs. Inspired by rich color and mystery, this setting provides your pet’s place with the flavor of the Orient. Welcome the Civilized Pet ‘Mandarin’ Square Glass Dinnerware Feeders into your home.

Right. Because it’s red and, uh, square. With a scrolly base. So naturally, “Mandarin” comes to mind as a descriptor.

Oh, and it only makes sense that one would also toss in a “Zen” and make lame wordplay with “meditate.” Because Zen and Mandarin go hand in hand, never mind the totally separate nationalities/cultures of origin.

Subsequent *smacks* follow for: “dynasties,” “mystery” and “flavor of the Orient.”

Excuse me, waiter? There’s a cliché in my soup.

I know I probably have no room to complain here, seeing as this comes from a Web site for crazy old cat ladies who actually jump over this kind of stuff, but still.

*ahem* No comment on why I was visiting said site in the first place. *cough*



  1. i hope this site also sells mandarin collared kitty qi paos…


  2. what WERE you doing on this site? 🙂

  3. I’m sure you happened to find yourself on this site as you were *cough* doing web research on *cough* a lofty assignment… *cough* *cough* Damn that cough that won’t go away…

    Ugh… loved the description as much as I love being asked if I own a kimono.

  4. I guess … um, well at least there isn’t a reference to Siamese cats on top of the rest of it? Ugh.

  5. *cough* I buy my cats’ stretchy Velcro (non-mandarin) collars from that site. *blush*

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