Posted by: 지인 | 2 January 2008

Holiday chi

A happy 2008 to all! I hope you had a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday season, and that you’re energized to tackled the new year and all that it brings.

Did you do anything on the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve? The Yobo & I celebrated the turn of the calendar year by locking ourselves out of our own home, leaving us stranded — at least temporarily — out on the lanai. Above ground level by three stories, I might add, with no easy escape route besides the leg-breaking sort.

As panic quickly set in (momentarily abated by sipping thoughtfully on the flute full of champagne we each had in our possession), I silently willed the cats to choose that moment to finally understand how to work the latch on the sliding glass lanai door. (Opposable thumbs, be damned! Feline enlightenment, now!) The Yobo, on the other hand, took to mentally assessing how many dollars in damage a broken glass would cost us — and how, exactly, one would go about breaking such a durable, storm-proof pane of glass to begin with.

Long story short, we were back inside our home before too long, vowing never to do that again, and calming ourselves down by finishing the remainder of the champagne. Tomorrow I shall commence private tutoring with the orange tabbies on how to work a simple sliding door lock.

The disturbing part about the solution to our predicament, other than the situation in general, was that we now know that it is possible for someone to break into our home via the lanai. Although what kind of mutant rubber-limbed thief would ever choose to forcibly enter our home via our third-level lanai, I don’t know. Still. It’s another disturbing thought to add to the jumble, only a month or so after my car was broken into in our (mostly) peaceful residential neighborhood.

The Yobo took the lanai incident as a bad omen, a warning for the new year. I looked at it instead as a symbol of what barriers may come: We often create our own challenges for ourselves, but if we set our minds to be resourceful, given what knowledge and power we already possess, we can overcome our own obstacles and get to where we want to be.

Or something like that.

At any rate, on New Year’s Day, I urged the Yobo to tidy up his side of the bedroom, which was completely blanketed with clothes, rubbish, books, magazines, Ace bandages, loose change and a very thick layer of dust. Best to start off the year with good chi movement, I think — especially considering that this area of our home resides in the “career” feng shui sector of our living space, and the Yobo has been up for a big promotion at work that has been stressing him out for some time now. And no wonder, what with all the clutter and wastage.

Following a good cleanup and a restful night of sleep, the Yobo hopped on the express bus this morning and returned to work, where — ta-dah! — he was offered the job.

It’s not that I told him so, but …

Here’s to overcoming challenges, bettering our chi, and taking on the new year with the full force of our own abilities!



  1. CONGRATS!!!! To Yobo (weird calling someone else’s hubs Yobo… :-)) for the job (cleaning) well done and the promotion. To you for calling it – you should still do a “I told you so” dance – and an early congrats for successfully training your oh-so-smart tabbies to overcome lack of opposable thumbs.

    And to both of you for getting back into the house!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, indeed!

  2. I know I’d be like C and automatically think it’s a bad omen to the new year because I’m such a pessimist. I’m glad you got back inside though. And congratulations to C on getting a promotion. More hand bag money for you! kkkkk

  3. Congratulations to the Yobo on the promotion! And to you both for solving the lanai reentry problem.

    I usually learn something new when I visit here, and today it was a new word: lanai.

  4. Thank you, both from me and on Yobo’s behalf. We do so enjoy being in our home, rather than stranded outside with the mosquitoes, after all. ^_^

    Now that he gets to (officially) boss his minions around at work, I think that means I definitely get to boss him around more than usual at home to make sure his head doesn’t grow too big. Heh heh.


  6. And to you, too!

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