Posted by: 지인 | 13 December 2007

iGoogle goes to Jeju-do!

Just noticed this theme on Google’s personalized home page feature: Aja Tiger, who appears to be gardening melons on Jeju-do! (Note the dolhareubang, waterfall, hanji lantern and norigae.) When you enter your ZIP code, iGoogle’s graphic banners change according to time of day. So I’m eager to check back this afternoon to see what Aja Tiger is up to then! (Click the image below to see a larger version.)

Aja! Aja!



  1. Does google still have that Korean artist who does their theme banners? My mom’s still trying to get one of her project in Jeju-do launched – I’ve only been there once… didn’t see much due to a migraine… am told it’s lovely all year round. (Except during typhoon season. ;-))

  2. Hmm. I always wondered if a Korean artist was behind their graphic banners.

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