Mother in plea to Elt0n John over adoption plan

Posted by: 지인 | 17 September 2009

Well said

Great analysis and commentary over on Pound Pup Legacy:
Are international adoption critics really wrong?

Posted by: 지인 | 17 September 2009

What adoption topics would you like to read about?

A rare invitation:

I plan, compile, and edit a bimonthly column in “Adoption Today,” a magazine about international and transracial adoption, featuring the voices and perspectives of adult adoptees. As I work to brainstorm possible topics for future issues, I’d like to open up the suggestion box to you — adoptees, adoptive parents and prospective a-parents, bio/birth/first parents, siblings, significant others, researchers, innocent bystanders — anyone out there who is interested in listening to and learning from international and transracial adult adoptees.

Please share your ideas in the comments, or refer to the “About Me” page to e-mail me or send me a message directly.

I can’t promise that all (or even any!) of your ideas will be used as topics, but I will definitely read and consider all of the submitted suggestions.

Recent topics have included:

  • changing vs. keeping adoptees’ original names
  • the influence of cultural heritage in our everyday lives
  • how the experience of becoming a parent has changed our thoughts about adoption

Remember, this is a column featuring the points of view of international and transracial adult adoptees, but is not necessarily an advice column, so as you share your ideas, please be respectful of the individuals who will be generously sharing their thoughts, opinions and experiences in the finished columns.

Posted by: 지인 | 13 September 2009

Elt0n J0hn to join the ranks?

Word has it that Elt0n J0hn wants to join the ranks of the celebrity adopters, only this time it would be a toddler from the Ukraine. He and his partner met the little boy at an orphanage for children whose parents have died from AIDS. What really caught my eye, however, is his motivation behind adopting:

John said he was motivated in part by the sudden death last week of one of his closest friends, keyboardist Guy Babyl0n.

“It broke my heart because he was such a genius and so young and has two wonderful children,” John said. “What better opportunity to replace someone I lost than to replace him with someone I can give a future to.


Update: Guess the officials won’t be bending their rules for this celeb after all.

Posted by: 지인 | 9 September 2009

Heigl and husband reportedly adopting from Korea


Interesting that they have been married less than two years, yet as far as I am aware, the requirement to adopt from Korea dictates that couples must be married for a minimum of three years. The articles also state that the adoption process has been under way for just six months (or more, who knows).

One has to wonder if they are getting special treatment, as celebrities. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the policies are bent to accommodate a fast-tracked high-profile adoption. *cough* *Madonna* *cough*

Update: OK, so they apparently are adopting a “special needs” child, which would explain the 6-month fast-tracking. But are couples who are married for less than three years somehow uniquely qualified to adopt “special needs” children, but not non-special-needs kids? Hmm.

Posted by: 지인 | 3 September 2009

Birth family reunion in China

I hate how they had to exoticize China by using the word “mystery” in the headline. I mean, I guess the boy’s family’s story is a bit curious/confusing, but still.

Adopted teen finds answers, mystery in China

Posted by: 지인 | 25 June 2009

Kinship care in Tanzania

The New York Times covers an example of kinship care, proof that — contrary to popular belief — there is another option besides the adoption-by-well-meaning-wealthy-white-people vs. “languishing in an orphanage” binary that is so often cited in (oversimplified) discussions of transnational and transracial adoption:

Fragile Tanzanian Orphans Get Help After Mothers Die

Seoulites, please visit the TRACK site for details about this very important hearing and how you can help:

Adoption Law Public Hearing (Seoul, Korea)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
2:00-4:00 p.m.

Korea Press Foundation building, 19th floor
Subway: City Hall exit 4 or Gwanghwamun Exit 5

****This is your last chance to be heard before the Ministry of Health and Welfare finalizes its draft bill on ADOPTION LAW.****


Since we asked for it, and they gave it to us, that we must now use it (or lose it next time).

Wanted: 30-40 adoptees and supporters

The main issue at stake for adult adoptees: The Central Authority

How the Central Authority is shaped will determine all post-adoption services. The Central Authority is the gatekeeper to your history. If you are not involved now, access to your past will still remain in the hands of your agency and the government — not yours.

So if you are studying Korean language, just grab toast, hop on the subway, and come after class. If you’re an English teacher, you are probably not even working because of student exams, so get yourself to the meeting. If you have a lunch date or an appointment, do what you do when you’re hungover and just call and change it! ^^

Adoptees are not yet a powerful presence in Korean society, but we are quickly building power. Now is the time and we must seize every opportunity we can to fight for the rights of adoptees.

TRACK is working with the Gonggam public interest lawyers, KoRoot, and ASK to make our own draft bill to be submitted to the National Assembly. But we are also participating in this ministry process as much as they will allow us. So please come out and be heard.

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